"Big Poppa" Boughton Seems Lukewarm About Foley

Jun 23, 2014

Mark Boughton, WNPR Photo
"I think Tom Foley still needs to do a lot of work on his campaign."
Mark Boughton

On Monday's show, we asked Danbury Mayor and old-school hiphop fan Mark Boughton why a voter should choose Tom Foley in the coming election. 

Bear in mind that Foley and Boughton were running mates in 2010. In the ensuing years, an uneasiness built up between them, and flared up in occasional Twitter sniping, and finally settled into what one writer called "a palpable undercurrent of disdain."

So, again, why vote for Foley? Boughton answered: "I think Tom Foley still needs to do a lot of work on his campaign, so that's a seminal question you asked. I'm not sure I'd be the right person to be able to share that with you. I think Tom is a good man, and an intelligent man -- he's insightful -- but just going around and saying: 'I only lost by 6,500 votes and therefore, you need to vote for me this time around,' is not going to win this election."

Just our imagination or is that a pretty mixed review? Boughton did endorse Foley while dropping out last week. 

Boughton volunteered that Foley needs a message about the two-tier education system that is "catastrophically failing our children in urban core areas," but that "with the right policy people around him, he'll be able to carry that water."

Boughton seemed gushier about the other candidate still in the race, former State Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney, "who's a good man," he said, "and who I respect immeasurably. I will work my tail off for him, should he be the nominee."

He pointed out that Foley steered convention votes toward McKinney to make sure the latter qualified for a primary, because Foley preferred a three-way race to a head-on duel with Boughton.

Listen below to some of Boughton's remarks during the show: