The Scramble Is Proud of June Thomas

Jun 23, 2014

Credit Kevin Wong / Flickr Creative Commons

On Monday, we do The Scramble. And on the Scramble, we always start with a SuperGuest, which means that in defiance of public radio logic, we pick the person first and then figure out what the topics will be. 

This week we started with June Thomas, one of my favorite Slate.com writers and talkers, and someone I assumed would want to riff at least a little bit about pop culture. Instead, her top two choices are Gay Pride month and dentistry.

June co-hosts a feature called "Ask a Homo," and if you have any questions about LGBT life, this might be the right time to ask them.

Also on the show is Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, one of our favorite political figures, if only for his hip-hop-infused Twitter feed. 

Lastly, we break down Sunday's wild World Cup game with Matthew Diffee, who is cartooning the games for The New Yorker. Matt will send you an authentic Diffee Doodle if you sign up to get his newsletter. 

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