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Our New Haven Region coverage includes stories about all the towns in the Greater New Haven area, ranging from Southbury, Wolcott and Meriden to Milford, Branford and Madison.

DOT Considers Raising Fares For Buses And Trains

Aug 25, 2011
Rich Moffitt, Flickr Creative Commons

Public Hearings are being held this week on proposed fare increases for buses and trains in Connecticut. Tonight there are hearings in New Haven and tomorrow in Hartford. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports. 

Earlier this month Connecticut’s Department of  Transportation was proposing a fare increase of more than 16% for rail service. This would affect Shore Line east and the New Haven Line.  

New Haven Food Truck Makes Its Rounds

Aug 22, 2011
Tim Cipriano

A mobile food truck is roaming the streets of New Haven this summer, handing out free meals to students from low income neighborhoods. The truck is reaching kids who might not otherwise get a healthy meal.  

The Betsy Ross School in New Haven is empty -- kids are out for the summer. But the parking lot outside -- that's buzzing. The New Haven School Food Truck has arrived.

Gary Choronzy

This week we traveled to Ashley’s Ice Cream in Branford Connecticut, to pay homage to the summertime ritual of cooling down from the heat through the consumption of delicious animal fats.

We gathered with Ashley’s co-owner Brian Anderson, organizing and lifestyle expert Lisa Lilas, cookbook author and personal chef Gloria Zimmerman, and Ed Bartlett, the publisher of CT Out and About.com.

We invite you to have a listen, and to add your thoughts in the Comments section.

You've probably heard of New Haven Promise by now.  It's a scholarship program funded by Yale University and community partners which awards New Haven public school students who show academic potential.

But the Promise program isn't just about paying tuition for some.

WNPR's Lucy Nalpathanchil spoke with New Haven Promise Executive Director Emily Brynes about the program's community outreach.


Photos by Thomas MacMillan (New Haven Independent)

In 1994, John DeStefano took over as mayor of New Haven and has held the position ever since.

Tonight, with the primary just over a month away, DeStefano squares off in a debate with four Democratic opponents.

A Budget Watchdog Gets His Signatures

Aug 10, 2011
Uma Ramiah

Four challengers have entered the race against New Haven's nine term Mayor John DeStefano. And one of the candidates is a self-proclaimed budget watchdog Democrat.

Jeffrey Kerekes is at his home -- or rather his headquarters -- in the Wooster Square neighborhood of New Haven. This is the last day of a two week struggle to find the 2100 signatures necessary to get him on the primary ballot. Now, he's telling a volunteer that the team has managed to get over 3500.

In New Haven, Head Start Hits the Road

Aug 3, 2011

An early education program in New Haven reaches more than 800 families in the city each year. The Head Start program hit the road this week, looking to recruit a few more.

Outside a Stop and Shop grocery store on Whalley Avenue in New Haven, Damaris Rodriguez is walking a parent through how to register her three year old for the New Haven Public Schools Head Start program.

"You're going to need the child's birth certificate long form, proof of residence, a utility bill or a lease in your name or your husband's name."

Yale Student Nominated for Primetime Emmy

Aug 1, 2011

A Yale School of Music student has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. The 25 year old earned the nod for his score of a PBS documentary film.

Garth Neustadter says he spent some time in Yosemite Park in California to prepare for scoring the film, John Muir in the New World. The documentary follows the life of explorer and naturalist John Muir, who founded the environmental advocacy group The Sierra Club in 1892.

"Just being in the places that John Muir explored over 100 years ago definitely inspired me in a way that I didn't expect," he says.

Photo by WNPR's Chion Wolf

Four summers ago, New Haven began issuing the Elm City Resident Card.  The program was controversial at the time because the city encouraged illegal immigrants to get the IDs. And many did because they had no U.S identification As WNPR's Lucy Nalpathanchil reports, the city has found another over-looked population to connect to the ID card.

A New Haven Neighborhood Embraces its Library

Jul 28, 2011

A recent report from New Haven's Public Health Department found that in 2008, 100% of people arrested for murder in the city were under the age of 35. Half of those were under 25. But a small library, tucked into a strip mall in a neighborhood often labeled one of New Haven's most dangerous, is making a real difference with city youth.

It's family night, and about 15 kids from the nieighborhood are learning to make Afro-Carribbean folk dolls from plastic bottles.

"Where do they come from? The Carribbean? No, they come from Africa, right?"

Christine Mai-Duc, Tribune Washington Bureau

New Haven native and journalist Clare Gillis spent 44 days in captivity in Libya before she was released in May. Gillis appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday to share her story.

Gillis spoke out in favor of the bill in question --  the Consular Notification Compliance Act of 2011.

"If the U.S. continues to ignore its obligations under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, that makes it easier for foreign governments to ignore their obligations to imprisoned American citizens abroad," she said.

Bruce Barber

This week we gathered at one of my favorite local watering holes, Delaney’s Tap Room and Restaurant in the Westville section of New Haven. We chose Delaney’s to follow up on several conversations we had in Episode 4 at Heirloom: the importance of community, the uncertainty of our changing times, and the possibilities to be discovered in doing the things you love.

Diane Orson

More than 100 students were honored on Thursday as the first class of New Haven Promise.  That’s the new scholarship program that provides college tuition for city students. 

Wearing caps and gowns, New Haven public high school graduates filed into Sprague Hall on the Yale University campus.  Parents beamed.  City and state officials told the students that the Promise scholarship program was an expression of confidence in their promise for a brighter future.   

Bruce Barber

Someone (it might have been Episode 4 guest editor Binnie Klein) commented recently that the show has been “a show about making a show”, and I don’t disagree with that assessment. Having worked on the Guide in one form or another for over ten years now, I’m finally learning not to over think things. (Gary, our web designer is constantly urging me to “grip it and rip it” – a golfer’s exhortation to stop standing there and hit the damn ball.) That’s what’s happening with the RLSG radio show: we’re trying things and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

For the past two decades, the achievement gap between Hispanic students and their white classmates nationwide has remained largely unchanged. Hispanic students perform about two grade levels below their white peers in math and reading.

Connecticut has one of the largest gaps in the nation, and a new study finds the problem exists in every school district in the state.

White students in Connecticut are two to three times more likely than Hispanic students to achieve at or above goal on the Connecticut Mastery Tests.