The Faith Middleton Show
1:08 pm
Wed June 1, 2011

Teenagers are Stuck in Adolescence

Do you sometimes wonder how your teen is ever going to survive on his or her own as an adult? Does your high school junior seem oblivious to the challenges that lie ahead? Does your academically successful nineteen-year-old still expect you to “just take care of” even the most basic life tasks?

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The Faith Middleton Show
12:57 pm
Wed May 25, 2011

Faith Middleton Show: Mothers of Bedford

Joshua Davis

Mothers of Bedford is a feature length documentary film that follows five women incarcerated in New York's Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. 

The film examines the struggles and joys these five women face as prisoners and mothers. It shows the normal frustrations of parenting as well as the surreal experiences of a child's first birthday party inside prison, the cell that child lives in with her mother, and the biggest celebration of the year, Mother's Day in prison!

See a screening of this film June 23.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
3:45 pm
Fri March 25, 2011

The Nose: Voluptuous Ladies & Parenting The YouTube Generation

Flickr Creative Commons, Luiz Fernando

Speaking of Elizabeth Taylor and modern perceptions of American womanhood, Camille Paglia said this week "we're in a period now where everything has to be taut in mind and body."

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School Reform
1:20 pm
Wed March 23, 2011

In Hartford, Parents Don't Always Pick Best Schools

The Hartford, Conn., school district slated the Moylan School for redesign last year.
Jeff Cohen for NPR

Like many other school districts, Hartford, Conn., rewards schools that perform well and closes schools that perform badly.

But Hartford is also a district that allows parents to choose their child's school. As the theory goes, parents should naturally choose the good schools over the bad ones — but as it turns out, they often don't.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
4:03 pm
Fri January 21, 2011

Censorship & 'Tiger Moms'


The Town of Enfield seems intent on teaching a living class in First Amendment issues.

Last spring the town wound up in federal court over its plan to hold graduation exercises in a mega-church.

Now Enfield is back in the headlines after the town council majority threatened the town library director with defunding if he went forward with a scheduled showing of the Michael Moore movie "Sicko."

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