All Tech Considered
7:02 pm
Mon August 5, 2013

In Bezos' Purchase Of 'Post,' Tech And Media Keep Melding

Jeff Bezos, a tech titan and Amazon founder, purchased a venerable newspaper, The Washington Post.
Richard Brain Reuters/Landov

Originally published on Tue August 6, 2013 11:46 am

The news spread with the speed of the Internet: The Washington Post, a newspaper that helped bring down a president, would be sold to Jeff Bezos, the tech titan who started Amazon.

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Where We Live
10:18 am
Thu July 11, 2013

The Tribune Split: What's It Mean For The Future of Newspapers?

NS Newsflash, Creative Commons

The Tribune Company made an announcement yesterday that it’s going to split its broadcast and publishing divisions. It’s just another chapter in the ongoing saga of “the future of the newspaper industry.” The Tribune has owned the Hartford Courant since 2000, and more recently merged the paper  with the FOX News affiliate TV station. So what now? Industry analyst Ken Doctor joins us. 

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Where We Live
11:01 am
Mon June 3, 2013

Reimagining Journalism

Jeremy Keith (Wikimedia Commons)

Remember when you used to learn about what was happening in your community when the newspaper hit your front stoop? That world has, of course, changed—and journalism professor Dan Kennedy says we’re now in a “post-newspaper” age.

Papers haven’t gone away, but their staffs and scope have shrunk, and what’s bubbled up to fill the gap is a new type of digital journalism with a new business model. Kennedy went looking for examples of this change around the time of the economic downturn, and found a pretty interesting lab experiment - Connecticut.

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Public Notice
3:23 pm
Tue May 7, 2013

Newspapers Oppose Public Notices Bill

A bill that would allow towns and cities to publish full public notices online and not in newspapers is making its way through the legislature. Municipal advocates say it could save them money and is more efficient. The state's newspapers say it could threaten democracy.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
11:27 am
Fri May 3, 2013

The Nose: Koch Brothers Eye Tribune's Newspapers, UConn Student Gets Attacked Online

Wikimedia Commons

It has been widely reported -- but not heavily discussed -- that Charles and David Koch are the leading suitors to buy the eight newspapers belonging to the Tribune Company. One of those eight newspapers is the Hartford Courant.

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Where We Live
10:06 am
Thu December 6, 2012

History of New Haven: Register, Lincoln and a Bit of Music

New Haven Register

The Hartford Courant is - famously - the oldest continuously published newspaper in the US.  But the New Haven Register has its long and storied history.

This year is the 200th anniversary of the paper - and today, where we live, we’ll talk about the history of the Register, and the city it covers.

From the early days of the paper, to the Amistad case, from Abraham Lincoln’s election, to his death, and the role of New Haven’s longest-running institution, Yale University in the city’s history.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
4:22 pm
Tue March 13, 2012

Bill Griffith Talks Comedy, Art & 'Zippy The Pinhead'

Bill Griffith

True story ... last week, the Connecticut legislature's Environment Committee's public hearing agenda included, on the same day, An Act Permitting the Possession of Reindeer Year Round and An Act Concerning the Hunting of Deer with a Pistol.

This is why I don't celebrate April Fool's Day. Life is like this every day. Break that story apart into separate scenes, and your mind is flooded with images of a man plugging a deer with a Saturday night special or a young couple walking their reindeer on a leash.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:19 pm
Thu November 3, 2011

Q & A With NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson

Flickr Creative Commons, tomasdev

In September, Jill Abramson became The New York Times' first female executive editor. She replaced Bill Keller. We talk to Abramson about her vision for the newspaper and the future of online media.

On Friday, Nov. 4, Abramson will be honored by the International Festival of Arts and Ideas at Yale.

Leave your comments below, e-mail or Tweet us @wnprcolin.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
4:50 pm
Tue October 25, 2011

How Hemingway's Letters Bid 'A Farewell to Macho'

Flickr Creative Commons, marek.krzystkiewicz

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd recently wrote that Ernest Hemingway, on the 50th anniversary of his death by his own hand, is having a bit of a renaissance.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:30 pm
Fri October 14, 2011

The Nose: Tracking Changes In Newspapers And Occupy Wall Street

Flickr Creative Commons, david_shankbone

Are we all entitled to a few blind spots? If so, one of mine is newspapers. I keep thinking somebody is going to find ways to improve them and make them thrive, even as the evidence of my own eyes suggests the opposite.

Today on The Nose, one of our panelists is Susan Campbell from the Hartford Courant. A few weeks ago, she shuttered her blog on the newspaper's web site. And this week, her colleague Helen Ubinas announced that she's leaving.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:16 pm
Wed August 31, 2011

The Art Of Last Words

Joe Shlabotnik, Flickr Creative Commons

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:27 pm
Fri May 27, 2011

The Nose: Oprah's Gone and Loving the Physical Newspaper

Flickr Creative Commons, nayrb7

This week a feud erupted between Hartford Courant columnist and blogger Rick Green and Frank Harris, a Courant columnist and chairman of the journalism department at Southern Connecticut State University. 

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Public Notice
4:22 pm
Thu April 28, 2011

Public Notices Bill Dies in Committee

Towns and cities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to print public notices in area newspapers. This week, a bill aimed at scaling back that mandate died in the state legislature. Newspaper publishers are happy, and local government advocates aren't.

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Where We Live
11:35 am
Thu April 7, 2011

New Media Partnerships in Journalism

Elvert Barnes, Creative Commons

For years, we’ve been hearing about the chronic struggles of newspapers and the proliferation of so called “new media” sources of journalism.  

As one outcome of this change, the traditional competition for stories between papers has given way to a new era of cooperation. By pooling resources and working together, these upstarts are making a real impact, informing the community, and driving the discussion in collaboration with newspapers.  

Today we continue our series of conversations recorded at a conference called “Lifting the Veil: Journalism Uncovered.”

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Public Notice
3:20 pm
Thu March 31, 2011

State May Allow for Online Public Notices

GiantsFanatic Creative Commons

Connecticut towns and cities are mandated by law to publish public notices in local newspapers.  But that could soon change.

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