The Colin McEnroe Show
3:55 pm
Fri July 6, 2012

The Nose: Anderson Cooper And Higgs Boson Come Out

Chion Wolf

After years of speculation, rumors, and whispers, we finally heard this week what we had long expected. The only problem is I can't tell whether I'm talking about the Higgs boson or Anderson Cooper.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
10:32 am
Mon April 9, 2012


The Colin McEnroe Show
4:32 pm
Mon April 2, 2012

Is Subliminal Influence Real?

Flickr Creative Commons, cmcbrown

"All media work us over completely."  So said Marshall McLuhan.

It was clear to McLuhan in the early 1960s and it's even clearer to us that engagement with fast-moving electronic media is producing changes that are hard to keep track of.

What if somebody wanted to produce certain changes in us that we weren't aware of?  What if someone wanted to persuade us without having to have a conversation with our conscious intellects?

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:25 pm
Fri February 3, 2012

The Nose: Komen Vs Planned Parenthood, And Diagnosing Grief

Chion Wolf

The sudden news that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation has apologized and essentially reversed itself on the issue of defunding Planed Parenthood is yet another example of the incredible power of the internet. 

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:45 pm
Thu January 19, 2012

SOPA & PIPA: A Guide To Internet Censorship

Flickr Creative Commons, BenLucier

It's hard to keep an even keel about the debate over the two Internet anti-piracy laws known as SOPA and PIPA.

Yesterday's spectacle, if it revealed nothing else, showed what a flimsy connection there is between a congressmen "co-sponsoring" a bill and that same congressmen knowing what's in the bill.

After yesterday's show of force,  a number of congressmen withdrew their support for their co-sponsorship because ... wait for it ... they didn't agree with the content of the bills.

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Transparency in Education
2:18 pm
Fri January 13, 2012

The Changing Role Of School Spokesman

A spokesman for the New Haven Public Schools is leaving his post following an incident in which he grabbed a reporter’s camera while she was on assignment and insisted that she stop filming. More and more school districts are employing public relations professionals. We take a look at the field, at a time when people want more information about what’s going on in their local schools.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:39 pm
Fri January 6, 2012

The Nose: Iowa's Caucus; The 'Real' Kardashians & Things We Like in 2012

Flickr Creative Commons, DonkeyHotey

The national political media spend about a month trying to convince you that Iowa's caucuses are important. Now they're going to spend a week telling you why they don't matter.

On his blog PressThink, media critic Jay Rosen argued this week that: "The Iowa Caucuses are presented as a news event, a mini-election with an informational outcome, a winner. But what they really are is a ritual, the gathering of a professional tribe, which affirms itself and its place in our political system by staging this thing every four years."

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:35 pm
Wed December 14, 2011

Holiday Advertising

Lucky Strike

It's the holiday season! Christmas, Hanukah, Christmakuh, Kwanza, or as advertisers like to think of it, the season when they separate you from your money.

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Coming Home Project
11:51 pm
Tue September 27, 2011

Afghan Surge: "The Untold Story"

US Navy photo by (SCW) F. Julian Carroll

A briefing with a three star Army General was the first order of business Tuesday at the journalists conference at Ft Leavenworth. Lieutenant General William B Caldwell was all set to appear before us via video teleconference from Afghanistan but technology got in the way. The link up didn't work properly so he spoke with reporters using the old fashioned telephone conference.

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Coming Home Project
12:09 am
Tue September 27, 2011

Drinking From the Fire Hose

Lucy Nalpathanchil

It's Military 101 on the first official day of the journalists conference at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Inside Lewis and Clark Hall, men and some women stream through wearing the Army combat uniforms: tan, grey and green camouflage that blends well in the desert. Occasionally, you see officers from other countries like Brazil, Botswana, and Singapore, who are also here to study at the Command and General Staff College.

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Coming Home Project
12:40 am
Mon September 26, 2011

Welcome to Fort Leavenworth

Photo by Lucy Nalpathanchil

Bridging the gap between the media and the military: that's the goal of a week-long conference hosted by the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Fort Leavenworth Combined Arms Center. Seventeen journalists including myself were accepted into the program because of our interest and backgrounds covering military issues.

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Small Business
10:37 am
Mon September 12, 2011

Social Media Marketing Revolution

courtesy Plastic Forming Company

Small businesses everywhere are learning the lesson – adapt to technology or die. Consumers increasingly look for both marketing and retailing online and companies need to meet those expectations or lose sales. In the first of a series of reports on the rise of social media in marketing, WNPR’s Harriet Jones looks at how one manufacturer is facing up to the challenge.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:23 pm
Fri August 19, 2011

The Nose: Big Ideas, The End Of Playtime, And Winners & Losers In Walkouts

Beverly & Pack, Flickr Creative Commons

For The Nose, we try to round up a posse of ideas that reflect the serious and playful sides of the week in culture. And culture has been unbusually giving this week. We're just getting to know Rick Perry, a guy who has already (kind of) threatened the Fed Chief, said there are some gaps in the theory or evolution, declared climate change and a non-issue and, well, he's just getting warmed up.

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Where We Live
10:47 am
Thu August 4, 2011

The Media Fast

youngthousands, creative commons

TwitterGoogleFacebookGmailGchatFlickerLinkediniPhoneiPad....ahhhhergh!  I think it might be time for a break. This week, we've been talking about technology and the internet, and how we consume it.  But what happens when it consumes us?

Tom Cooper’s Fast Media/Media Fast looks at “how to clear your mind and invigorate your life in an age of media overload.” But is this actually possible in this media saturated world?

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Media Fast
11:14 am
Wed August 3, 2011

Media Fast: Day Three

by psd / Creative Commons

WNPR and Your Public Media contributor Heather Brandon has accepted our challenge to complete a media fast. She'll be abstaining from all media Monday, August 1 - Thursday, August 4 and will be interviewed, along with Tom Cooper, author of Fast Media, Media Fast: How to Clear Your Mind and Invigorate Your Life In an Age of Media Overload about her fast on the Thursday, August 4 edition of Where We Live.  No internet surfing, no television, no video games. This is her diary.

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:22 pm
Fri July 1, 2011

Summertime TV

Flickr Creative Commons, Jonas B

Back in the days of three, maybe four, networks, summer television was an odd wasteland, mostly re-runs with occasionally odd oases. Ray Stevens hosted a summer replacement series which offered the first full exposure to the dadaist comedy of a young unknown named Steve Martin. 

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:47 pm
Thu June 16, 2011

The Spam Scourge

Chion Wolf

Early in the career of Cassius Clay, a boxing writer saw him fight a lesser opponent and said it looked like a man trying to kill hornets with a shovel. That's not a bad description of the efforts to combat electronic spam. 

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:27 pm
Fri May 27, 2011

The Nose: Oprah's Gone and Loving the Physical Newspaper

Flickr Creative Commons, nayrb7

This week a feud erupted between Hartford Courant columnist and blogger Rick Green and Frank Harris, a Courant columnist and chairman of the journalism department at Southern Connecticut State University. 

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The Needle Drop
1:06 pm
Wed May 25, 2011

Indie, Indie Everywhere!

This week on the Needle Drop, it's independent rock, pop, and electronic music from all over the world: Brazil, Denmark, Australia, and even the UK. We'll also be dropping new tracks from Bon Iver, and diving into the new Balkans album.

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Media Lab
1:58 pm
Tue May 10, 2011

Wired But Disconnected, Episode 8

Kristen Korzenowski

  WBD: Episode 8

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The Faith Middleton Show
8:40 pm
Wed May 4, 2011

The Aftermath of the Bin Laden Aftermath

The White House

Today, a special edition of the show: A post mortem on the bin Laden post mortem, a look at the minds and mindsets behind the story.

We start with a discussion on the mass psychology behind reactions to bin Laden's death—your reactions, our reactions… everyone's reactions.

Then we'll talk to the first chief of the CIA's bin Laden task force about the mind of the man—Osama bin Laden, himself.

And finally, NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik joins us to discuss the media's mindset during and following a story like this one.

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Where We Live
11:35 am
Thu April 7, 2011

New Media Partnerships in Journalism

Elvert Barnes, Creative Commons

For years, we’ve been hearing about the chronic struggles of newspapers and the proliferation of so called “new media” sources of journalism.  

As one outcome of this change, the traditional competition for stories between papers has given way to a new era of cooperation. By pooling resources and working together, these upstarts are making a real impact, informing the community, and driving the discussion in collaboration with newspapers.  

Today we continue our series of conversations recorded at a conference called “Lifting the Veil: Journalism Uncovered.”

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Public Notice
3:20 pm
Thu March 31, 2011

State May Allow for Online Public Notices

GiantsFanatic Creative Commons

Connecticut towns and cities are mandated by law to publish public notices in local newspapers.  But that could soon change.

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Where We Live
11:27 am
Thu March 31, 2011

David Folkenflik at CCSU

NPR's David Folkenflik once got into a battle of words with Geraldo Rivera.  It just proves that covering the media isn't always pretty. 

His latest assignment is a perfect example: Cover the corporate meltdown of your own company...go! 

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:35 pm
Thu March 24, 2011

The New York Times and the Price of News

Flickr Creative Commons, Don Hankins

Here, to me, are the killer statistics:

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Where We Live
10:32 am
Thu March 24, 2011

NPR To The Left To The Left?

Todd Huffman

NPR is under attack over funding, fundraising and claims of bias.  So what does the network’s Ombudsman think?

We have Alicia Shepard, NPR’s Ombudsman on Where We Live regularly to talk about journalism, and the job that NPR reporters and editors do. 

She’s leaving the network, just as NPR has become a national issue on Fox News and the butt of jokes on The Daily Show. 

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:43 pm
Fri March 11, 2011

The Nose: NPR's Really Bad Week

Flickr Creative Commons, mrgilles

So you think you had a bad week? National Public Radio can top you

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The Colin McEnroe Show
2:58 pm
Thu January 27, 2011

Talking To Tweeting, A 'History Of Communications'

Flickr Creative Commons, ky_olsen

You could argue that one of the big breaks in the history of knowledge is happening right now, as we move from being storers of knowledge to being adept searchers for what is stored.

There's a basic shift in the notion of what education is. Most of us moved through an education pipeline in which existed some vague notion that you were better off loading a lot of stuff into your head. It would help you think. It would give you points of reference. You should know a lot of things.

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