Long Island

Where We Live
8:40 am
Thu April 10, 2014

Big Ideas (That Didn't Work)

Fire Island Inlet Bridge (part of the Robert Moses Causeway).
Credit tsaiproject / Creative Commons

If you watch "House of Cards," you might have noticed a main storyline about a bridge from Long Island to Connecticut. Sounds crazy, right? Well, here's the thing: it was a real idea!

From bridges, to highways, to malls, Where We Live takes a look at some outlandish project ideas that -- for some reason or another -- just never worked. Why isn’t there a bridge connecting Connecticut and Long Island? And why wasn't the New Haven Galleria mall ever built?

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11:02 am
Tue January 7, 2014

Second Beaked Whale Found Beached in Eastern Long Island

True's beaked whales are known mainly from stranded specimens, accoridng to the NOAA Fisheries Service.

Biologists are investigating the death of a second True's beaked whale that washed ashore on Monday in eastern Long Island, found on a beach in the Hamptons.

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Plum Island
8:57 am
Tue October 1, 2013

Cuomo Calls for Further Study of Plum Island

The Plum Island Animal Disease Center in 2007.
Credit Joelmills / Wikimedia Commons

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that questions about the environmental condition of Plum Island need further study before the federal government proceeds with its sale. The island, off eastern Long Island, has been home to a federal research facility that studies infectious diseases that could threaten the nation’s livestock industry.

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The Faith Middleton Show
2:18 pm
Tue September 13, 2011

The Lost Toys, Tastes And Trends Of The 70s & 80s; Retromania; Land

John Morgan

Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?: The Lost Toys, Tastes, and Trends of the 70s And 80s

If you owe a couple cavities to Marathon candy bars, learned your adverbs from Schoolhouse Rock!, and can still imitate the slo-mo bionic running sound of The Six Million Dollar Man, this book is for you.

Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops? takes you back in time to the tastes, smells, and sounds of childhood in the '70s and '80s, when the Mystery Date board game didn't seem sexist, and exploding Pop Rocks was the epitome of candy science.

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The Faith Middleton Show
8:22 pm
Sat August 27, 2011

Dan's Papers; The Things That Need Doing

Captain Mish

 Dan's Papers

Dan’s Papers recently celebrated its Golden Anniversary, having been an integral part of the Hamptons since its founding in 1960. From its first eight-page edition in Montauk, published while the founder was home for the summer from college, it has grown over the years to become the largest newspaper in the Hamptons, widely followed for its unique opinions, humor, news and the chronicling of the lives of the rich and famous.

The Things That Need Doing

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The Faith Middleton Show
6:46 pm
Sat August 27, 2011

The End Of Overeating; The Watermill Center

Photo by Lovis Dengler

The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite

Dr. David A. Kessler, the dynamic and controversial former FDA commissioner known for his crusade against the tobacco industry, is taking on another business that's making Americans sick: the food industry. In The End of Overeating, Dr. Kessler shows us how our brain chemistry has been hijacked by the foods we most love to eat: those that contain stimulating combinations of fat, sugar, and salt.

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The Faith Middleton Show
10:21 am
Sun August 21, 2011

Farmland Preservation; East Hampton Veterinarian Jonathan Turetsky; The Dirty


Faith meets a man trying to save farmland in a place where developers are hungry -- the exclusive Hamptons. And, meet one of the kindest vets on earth, a man who believes the last breath an animal takes should be as beautiful as possible. Plus, a memoir of farming, food and, love.

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The Faith Middleton Show
1:41 pm
Sun August 14, 2011

Pollock-Krasner House & Study Center

Pollock Krasner House & Study Center

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) is regarded as the undisputed leader of the Abstract Expressionist movement. In 1945, he married fellow artist Lee Krasner (1908-1984) and moved from New York City to Long Island’s East End. With a loan from art dealer Peggy Guggenheim, they purchased a small homestead on one and a quarter acres overlooking Accabonac Creek in The Springs, near East Hampton.

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The Faith Middleton Show
4:32 pm
Tue July 26, 2011

South Fork Natural History Museum And Yellow Dirt

Ken Lund/flickr creative commons

The mission of the South Fork Natural History Museum & Nature Center – SoFo is to stimulate interest in, advance knowledge of, and foster appreciation for the natural environment, with special emphasis on the unique natural history of Long Island’s South Fork.

The goals of the museum and nature center are to:

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The Faith Middleton Show
10:28 pm
Wed July 6, 2011

Getting Healthy With Dr. Reza Yavari And Bird Watching On The East End Of Long


Dr. Reza Yavari, from Beyond Care, discusses losing weight, getting healthy, and his software application, The Yavari Indicator, which can determine the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. And from The East End of Long Island, discover why the region is considered a paradise for bird-watchers. 

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The Faith Middleton Show
8:05 am
Tue June 28, 2011

Reynonlds Dodson, Author Of A Cockeyed Guide To The Hamptons; A CT Hot Dog


If you've never been there, or you've known the place for a long time, you'll enjoy the witty Cockeyed Guide to the Hamptons. Plus, the Connecticut Hot Dog Tour film, and Faith's on The Hot Seat, one mystery guest, no preparation and she has to do an interview.

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