Baseball All-Star Game Special: Abby and Costello

Jul 3, 2013
CPBN Media Lab

Just in time for Major League Baseball's All-Star Game festivities, the CPBN Media Lab Radio Theatre proudly presents Erin "Abby" Connolly and Tyler "Costello" Salomon in this homage to the great Abbott & Costelllo and their classic Who's on First?

Follow along below with this transcript courtesy of the Baseball-Almanac.com

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Ballplayer: Pelotero is a film about the baseball pipeline between the Dominican Republic and Major League Baseball. One of the characters in the movie was Miguel Sano - a third baseman now in the Minnesota Twins organization.

Back in March, we spoke with one of the filmmaker’s behind Ballplayer: Pelotero, Jon Paley about their next project.

We're Talkin' Baseball

Mar 25, 2013
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This last, heavy snowfall sealed the deal for me. It is officially time for baseball season. Whether you’re a fan of the Yankees, the Red Sox, or the Mets...or whether you’re like me, rooting for a hometown team that’s far away...from here and the playoffs (Go Pirates!) it’s time for our annual baseball show.

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Most major league players have a lot of stories to tell. But Steve Blass might have more than most. He went from a skinny prospect in the tiny Connecticut town of Falls Village to become the star pitcher on a World Series team, where he befriended a baseball icon.

New Britain Rock Cats

Apr 10, 2012

Ten years ago, there were three AA-level Minor League Baseball teams in Connecticut. Today, only one remains. The Rock Cats just started its 30th consecutive season of playing in New Britain. Last month, New Britain Double Play, LLC was introduced as the new owners of the franchise led by Josh Solomon and his siblings.

Baseball in the '60s

Apr 10, 2012
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Baseball is a sport that revels in nostalgia. Get most American men over a certain age talking about the sport - especially in the spring - and you’ll hear about “the good old days” of trips to the ballpark...told in almost poetic terms.

But in the late '60s, as America was changing, so was baseball. It still held its place as the “national pastime” - a daily ritual that could cross racial and economic lines to bring people together - but it was already quickly being surpassed by football in popularity.

Great American Losers

Oct 11, 2011

It’s one of the most famous baseball radio broadcasts ever: Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges yelling, “The Giants win the pennant.”

Those words made Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca want to throw his radio out the window...he was the pitcher that gave up the blast. It’s been 60 years since the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” and Branca still lives with this legacy.

Baseball Legends

Jul 19, 2011
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Today,  a baseball celebration - about heroes and the places where they play.  We’ll talk with the author of a new oral history of Fenway Park; with the organizers of a Hartford Little League trying to stay afloat; and hear a classic public radio documentary about the real homerun champion.

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Heartbreak is embedded in baseball at a granular level. Football, basketball, boxing, hockey ... these sports can knock the spiritual wind out of you, but not the way baseball can.

There's something about the slow unfolding of the game that mirrors Shakespeare's history plays and the work of the Greek tragedians. Is it a coincidence that the great yearly festival of Greek tragedies was held in late March/early April, which roughly coincides with the start of our baseball crop cycle?

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Last winter, West Hartford residents David Foster and Denis Horgan began collecting used baseball equipment to be sent to kids across Cuba.