Wired But Disconnected, Episode 8

May 10, 2011

  WBD: Episode 8

Sad face, here is the last show of WBD with the interns.  Randomly jumping from topic to topic kept the show upbeat and everyone on their toes. It started off with Kristen saying who was in studio and then giving a shout out to Katie who was writing her thesis (or so we think).  It seems like no matter how WBD starts, we end up talking about mouth watering food. YUM!!!  Going back to the early 90’s and talking about shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Boy Meets World.  A meaningful flash back, because this WBD episode talks about favorite 90’s shows, so it’s perfect that the last episode topic is 90’s shows including Legends of the Hidden Temple. Embarrassing topics changed to secrets and funny stories, which caught our WBD players by surprise.  We ended the show by talking about summer plans.  We came up with many different ideas of how to spend the summer. Send us your ideas by leaving a comment. 

There have been many good times in that studio.  I hope that you enjoyed hearing us as much as we had fun making the WBD episodes. Don't forget to check out our cool gear, perfect for the beach, if it ever warms up.