Will the Real Norman Rockwell Please Stand Up?

Nov 26, 2013

Norman Rockwell.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Norman Rockwell. It's the day before Thanksgiving. Who else are we gonna talk about? Deborah Solomon (the same one who invented the "Questions for" format in the New York Times magazine) will spend the whole show talking about her new comprehensive biography of Rockwell.

Did you know that his wife suffered terrible depression and spent time in Hartford's Institute of Living? Did you know that Rockwell himself was a patient of the legendary Erik Erikson? We'll also explore modern reappraisals of Rockwell's oeuvre.

"The problem we all live with" by Norman Rockwell, depicting an incident in the American Civil Rights struggle of the early 1960s, when Ruby Bridges entered first grade on the first day of court-ordered desegregation of New Orleans, Louisiana, public schools (November 14, 1960). Originally published in Look magazine.
Credit Wikimedia Commons


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