Where Are They Now?

Aug 24, 2011

I think a lot about the difference between this show and the shows I did for 16 years in commercial drive time radio. Our shows at WNPR tend to be contained. We geek out on a subject for one episode and then let it go as we get ready for something else. Topics and storylines tend not to spill over from day to day to day they way they do in commercial talk.
That's fine. We don't get stale.

But it doesn't leave much room for follow-up, and some of the stories we cover keep unfolding long after we leave them. So today, we're catching up on some old shows. We'll start with yesterday's show which was interrupted two or three minutes from its conclusion when it suddenly felt like God had mistaken our building for his Jiffy Pop. We'll finish up the conversation we were in, and then take you much further back in time. Of special interest to us is the story of Beth Bradley, a radio news woman who suddenly needed a heart transplant. That and much more on today's show.

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