When We First Met "Baby"

Jan 31, 2014

"This song is about unrequited love - loving someone that just won't be able to give it back to you," said Goodnight Blue Moon's Erik Elligers. He's talking about a song off his band's new EP A Girl I Never Met called "Baby" and it's a song that has special meaning for us at WNPR.

One week after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we gathered a group of musicians from across the region to join us at Asylum Hill Congregational Church so we could listen to music together and hear the bells toll. Erik and his wife, Nancy Matlack Elligers represented Goodnight Blue Moon and performed "Baby."

Earlier this week, The Colin McEnroe Show aired an episode on "the healing power of music." This power was on full display during our impromptu concert at WNPR's neighborhood church. After an exhausting and gut-wrenching week, music uplifted our spirits at a time when we needed it most.

Goodnight Blue Moon's "Baby" was first performed that day - one week after December 7, 2012. That was something we didn't know until Erik told us on Where We Live recently. Since the song was first performed as a duet, they've added a few instruments and a few voices. They played it again in-studio for us with this updated arrangement.