The Wheelhouse On Massachusetts' New Senator, SCOTUS, and New Haven Politics

Jun 26, 2013

Massachusetts elects a new senator, the Supreme Court makes landmark rulings, and the race for New Haven mayor gets smaller.

Today, the political news roundtable “The Wheelhouse” is back on a very busy day in the news.

We’ll start with Ed Markey making history in Massachusetts. The Democrat won a special election there yesterday to fill John Kerry’s seat. And it marks the first time in a long time that the Commonwealth hasn’t elected a big, star name like Kerry, Ted Kennedy or Elizabeth Warren. 

Our Supreme Court watcher Renny Fulco joins us, along with employment law blogger Dan Schwartz to weigh in on Supreme Court rulings this week about the Voting Rights Act...

And two candidates are out of the race in New Haven including an early contender, Gary Holder-Winfield.