The Wheelhouse: It's Not Just Ferguson

With all eyes on Ferguson, Missouri, many people are also taking a step back to look at their own communities. What many of us see is a problem not restricted to Ferguson. Earlier this week, we had a conversation about urban policing and the militarization of police forces. 

Coming up on our weekly news roundtable The Wheelhouse, we continue the Ferguson-inspired conversation and how similar situations have played out in Connecticut.

We also check in on state politics and the race for governor. Plus, why do you stay in Connecticut (or not)?


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR
  • Dan Perkins - Editorial cartoonist better known as Tom Tomorrow, whose weekly comic strip is This Modern World
  • J. Brian Charles - Staff writer for the New Haven Register and their campaign blog, Divided Connecticut
  • Dan Kennedy - Associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University and author of The Wired City