What's The Best Job For Your Personality?

May 8, 2014

Paul and Kelly Tieger, co-authors of Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type.
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A doctor is delighted to be caring for a case of cholera!
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You probably wonder sometimes if you chose. Growing up, I was pretty sure I'd be a novelist and sometimes even now I wonder why I'm not. Why am I not sitting in a cabin at the McDowell Colony banging out my 24th book. No kidding, I really feel pretty bad about that. 

But the reality is, I'm not wired that way. My mind needs constant stimulation and constant feedback. This is a really good job for me even though my self-image is radically different.

It's a hard thing to face. We think we know what we're supposed to be but even if we achieve that goal, we might be profoundly unhappy. That's what we're going to talk about on today's show, who you really are and what kind of job makes sense for a person like you. Our guest will be Paul Tieger who has researched this question for decades and his daughter Kelly, who joined him on the latest edition of Do What You Are, Paul's best-selling classic. 

How do you know if you're in the right job and how can you make the most of the one you're in?

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  • Paul Tieger is CEO of SpeedReading People and the co-author of five books on personality type, including The Art of SpeedReading People, Nurture by Nature, and Do What You Are
  • Kelly Tieger is Paul’s daughter, and is the co-author of the latest edition of Do What You Are