Water: The Essential but Scarce Resource

May 24, 2013

Today, nearly a third of the US. is in severe drought. In places like Kansas and Texas, reservoirs and wells are actually running dry. Even here in the Northeast, where we get plenty of rain, water is still a scarce resource. The University of Connecticut already doesn’t have enough water to meet its needs, and the plans to quench its thirst have been controversial. Paul Formica is First Selectman in East Lyme, which faces water shortages every summer.

“I think water is going to be the next big problem for this country," said First Selectman of East Lyme Paul Formica. "I think that it’s going to eclipse what we’re doing with oil. I think there will be wars fought over water 25 years from now. I think it’s going to be the most important resource that we learn how to manage.” 

Today, we'll look at how we’re handling our water resources here in Connecticut and across the country. Are you dealing with drought conditions in your town? Does it affect your business or your lifestyle or both? We want to hear from you.