Ukraine Crisis and Russian Relations: Chris Murphy Discusses Recent Trip to Kiev

For the second time in recent months, Senator Chris Murphy traveled with other U.S. senators to Kiev to meet with the new political leaders in the embattled country of Ukraine. But the conversation for many has turned from Ukraine, to the U.S. relationship with Russia. What's next for the region and has Ukraine completely lost the Crimea peninsula?

Murphy joins us in-studio to debrief on his trip and discuss the possibility of further U.S. actions against Russia.

We're also joined by two local professors taking part in a panel discussion next week on Ukraine, including someone who was in Ukraine during its last political upheaval. You can find more information on the panel discussion at Southern Connecticut State University here.


  • Chris Murphy - U.S. Senator from Connecticut
  • Greg Adams - Chairman of the SCSU Sociology Department and a Fulbright Scholar who did his work in Ukraine in 2003-04. He served as an elections monitor during the 2004 "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine.
  • Kevin Buterbaugh - SCSU professor of political science and an expert on international relations. He currently teaches a class on "War" and "U.S. Security Policy."