There's a New Spot in Eastern Long Island Sound for Dredged Sediment

Nov 4, 2016

The decision has been met with skepticism by New York officials, who have threatened to sue the EPA.

Federal environmental officials have given the go ahead for a new site in Long Island Sound where sediment dredged from the bottom of nearby harbors can be dumped. The announcement was welcomed by Connecticut's marine industries.

The disposal spot will be in eastern Long Island Sound -- replacing two other sites, New London and Cornfield Shoals, slated to close next month.

A spokesperson for the EPA said the spot would be open to receive dredged materials by mid-December, but said as of right now, there are no plans for dredging in the Sound this winter. 

After the EPA announcement on Friday, state officials were quick to chime in their support. Representative Joe Courtney hailed the move as a victory for marinas and for military facilities like submarine base in Groton, which depend on preserving the depths of harbors so boats can move safely.

But the decision has been met with skepticism by New York officials -- who in August threatened to sue the EPA if the final rule moved forward.

The eastern site would be one of three open-water disposal spots in Long Island Sound.