Technology: What's Here, What's Coming Soon

May 20, 2014

Credit Randy Pertiet/flickr creative commons

We tell you what's happening in the tech world, whether you love this stuff or can't figure out how to be “in the know.” (If I could write code I'd be rich.)

Rich Hanley of Quinnipiac University tells us about the gadget of the year, a personal drone for under a $1,000. And the device that controls every internet thing you have? We need an update, Rich.

Chris Prosperi, chef and owner of Metro Bis Restaurant, is a trained engineer and techie. (He builds computers for fun.) He tells us about an Internet phone equipped with an antenna to pull in TV channels for free.

And a CNET rep fills us in on new things. How much bigger will the iPhone be in the upcoming release? Is screen saturation any better? And why can't you use a mouse with an iPad?! Really, building that in wouldn't hurt sales, so what's up?

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  • Rich Hanley is director of the graduate program in journalism at Quinnipiac University.
  • Chris Prosperi is chef/owner of Metro Bis restaurant in Simsbury, CT.
  • Scott Stein is a senior editor at CNET covering iOS and laptop reviews, mobile computing, video games, and tech culture.


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