Storm Psychology and Behavior

Nov 1, 2012

As Hurricane Sandy moved north and got stronger, Governor Dannel Malloy was direct with residents along the shoreline.

“One more plea to anyone trying to stick it out in a city or town where evacuations have been ordered," said Malloy. "Don’t be stupid. Get out now.”

It appeared that despite the governor’s stern warnings, some local governments didn’t urge their residents living in dangerous areas to evacuate.

At Monday night’s briefing, Governor Malloy acknowledged that for some residents, it doesn't really matter what government says.

“It is also equally clear that even when people received those warnings, that some of our citizens did not heed them," Malloy said.

Today, a look at our relationship with government when the storm’s coming. Why do some people leave and others don’t? What about you? Were you ordered to evacuate and decide to stick it out?