Staying Entertained On A Budget

Sep 28, 2011

Our in-house name for this show is "Entertainment Freeganism", but that's kind of a misnomer. On the one hand, it's true that you can entertain yourself with a lot of free television and movies on your computer, if you're willing to watch it all there - and the amount of free music available on the internet is staggering. A visit we paid to a local library did remind us of how much free material there is to be had there. And, as you'll learn on our show today, a good antenna will give you surprisingly high quality over-the-air television.

But once you move away from what is free and start trying to play around with some of the cheaper ways to get streaming video and make it play onĀ  your television, or ways to beat the high cost of DSL internet service, it gets really complicated. And every time we try to make it simple, it gets complicated again! But we have high hopes our panel today can iron it out.

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