Small Business Breakfast: Health Care

Nov 15, 2012

We get together a few times a year to talk about the issues that face small businesspeople in Connecticut.  And today's topic is Health Care.

Traditionally, small business people and their employees pay more for health care because they don't have enough employees to spread out the risk. This is all supposed to change in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act makes health "exchanges" available.  Under the plan, companies of up to 50 employees will be able to take advantage of the benefits of "pooling" with others - with the hope that this will keep costs down. But companies over 50 will be required to provide insurance.

So, what about companies on the edge of that 50 mark? What about individuals entering the exchange as entrepreneurs?  Will the ACA - which even the president started calling "obamacare" be a boon for small business?  

Today, our panel of guests will tackle the topic and we'll get thoughts and ideas from our audience here at the Small Business Expo.