A Slower Than Usual Commute

May 20, 2013

For many commuters, Friday evening's ride on Metro-North was uneventful at first.

“The train was moving along, I guess there was no reason to suspect anything," said Frank Bilotti to the New Haven Register. "Everybody was just daydreaming and passing the time away and all of a sudden, there was a sudden crash. So there’s no warning, no sirens, no whistles or anything.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation of the crash, which left a section of tracks in Bridgeport shredded - and left 70 people injured, some seriously.

Today, we’ll get the latest on how the train derailment might have happened, and how it will affect your commute in the coming days.

We’ll check in with Jim Cameron from the Connecticut Metro-North Commuter Council.

And our reporters are giving us the latest from a crazy morning commute.