Shoveling Out & Replacing The Pope

Feb 11, 2013

On Facebook, I asked people what they learned during the storm.

 One person learned that Domino's will keep its pizza drivers on the road even after the highways are closed, a source of anxiety if your kid is one of those drivers.

 Another Facebooker said he gained insight about how hard life must have been for his family, a generation or so back in rural Quebec.

 A lot of people learned a lot of things about snowblowers, ranging from just wishing for one, to shrewd advice about how to start one under adverse conditions.

 We tend, in crises, to focus on what's not working. In past storm emergencies, the talk was about power outages and little else. This time around, the utilities took a lighter hit and responded pretty quickly. So nobody's talking about that,. Everybody's talking about plowing that didn't get done. But what else did you learn?

 We'll also talk with National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters, about the breaking news that Pope Benedict XVI is planning to retire at the end of the month.

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