Service Goes South, Fares Go North: a Look at Metro-North

Nov 20, 2013

Metro-North has been less-than-reliable recently.
Credit Sean Marshall / Creative Commons

It’s been a rough year for Connecticut’s commuter rail line. From the derailment in Bridgeport to the extended power outage, Metro-North commuters have had headache after headache. So what can we do to improve the rail system and get people to and from New York City safely and on time?

Are you a regular Metro-North commuter? We'd like to hear from you about your experiences and how satisfied you are with the service.


  • Jim Cameron, Chairman Pro Tempore of the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council
  • Rep. Gail Lavielle, Republican representing Norwalk, Westport and Wilton
  • Jim O'Grady​, Transportation reporter for WNYC
  • Yonah Freemark, Writes about transportation at The Transport Politic