Senators Note Possible New Train Procedures; Sen. Murphy Looks to Lower College Costs

Jan 13, 2014


U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Charles Schumer said over the weekend they had been informed by the Federal Railroad Administration that it would begin procedures this year to establish a rule regarding installation of video cameras on trains.

The devices could be installed in train cars to record unsafe behavior by drivers. Outward-facing cameras would scan the tracks. The National Transportation Safety Board has been urging the railroad administration to increase the use of safety cameras for several years.

Murphy Talks Lowering College Costs

Senator Chris Murphy was at Norwalk Community College on Sunday to pitch his plan for ways to lower college costs. The proposal would create grants for schools that enact programs to reduce the time it takes for students to graduate. The idea would be to make colleges focus more on student graduation and employment.

First Court Appearance for CCSU Student Who Caused Lockdown

David Kyem, 21, sparked a massive police response by wearing a Halloween costume on CCSU's campus November 4. University police said he was wearing a costume with a mask, BB handgun, and tactical vest. The school was placed on lockdown for three hours. Authorities said Kyem told police he had attended Halloween parties and was wearing the costume as he returned to campus. Kyem will be arraigned in New Britain Superior Court on Thursday.

New Home for Yale School of Management

Edward P. Evans Hall is the new location for Yale's business school on Whitney Avenue. The $243 million building now doubles the space available to the school of management, which was previously spread around ten separate buildings. The hall was celebrated over the weekend with an  opening conference that attracted stars from around the financial world to New Haven.