Sen. Murphy Introduces Legislation to Push Back On Trump's Immigration Order

Jan 30, 2017

Connecticut U.S. Senator Chris Murphy introduced a bill on Monday to overturn President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

The bill would stop funding toward the enforcement of the executive order. It would also declare the order illegal, based on a 1965 law banning discrimination against immigrants based on national origin.

"We should pursue every means of pushing back," Murphy said over the weekend. "This is dangerous to the United States. It makes us less safe. And of course, it's contrary to our founding principles."

Murphy said he’s trying to work with Republicans who may be interested in co-sponsoring the measure.

"There have been members of the Senate -- like Jeff Flake from Arizona; Ben Sasse from Nebraska -- who have spoken up in full or partial opposite on to it," Murphy said. "So we’re reaching out to those offices to see if they’d like to work with us. It's frustrating, because during the campaign, all of these Republicans from Paul Ryan to Mike Pence himself came out and said there should not be a ban on Muslim citizens. And that’s exactly what this is."

Murphy said that if the president wants to tackle the terrorist threat seriously, he should encourage better sharing of counterterrorism intelligence, and ban those on the terrorist watch list from buying assault weapons.