Sea Tea Improv and "Funny Times"

Dec 6, 2011

Have you noticed that nothing is ever quite funny enough?

Last night I was reading a story in the New Yorker and glancing at the cartoons and kind of gasping at how not funny they were. Hey, this is the New Yorker! It's not like there's some place else for all the better cartoons to go.

Today is our Winter Humor Show. I'm pretty sure we did a Summer Humor Show, but I also think we neglected to do a Fall Humor Show. But the careful calculations we employ to plan this show suggested that, right around now, with the darkness closing in and the holiday crunch upon us, you would need something funny.

We think Sea Tea Improv, a Hartford-based troupe, is funny. And we think improv is, in general, funnier than a lot of other stuff simply because there's every reason to suppose it might not go very well. The danger of failure makes it funnier. Also today, meet the publisher of a monthly humor digest, The Funny Times.  

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