The Scramble: Working Less, Misandry, and Violence in Auto Racing

Aug 11, 2014

Credit Ben Newton / Creative Commons

We cover a lot of the ground on The Scramble this hour. We starting with Maria Konnikova, a New Yorker writer, who’s going to lead me through a conversation about proposals for a drastically reduced work week, about ways in which having more choices may actually reduce our sense of happiness and fulfillment, and about the illusion that we can taste something—wine, in this case —in a state of pure isolation and detachment from outside influences. 

From there, we move on to Amanda Hess, who has been writing about misandry, a controversial motif in which feminists adopt an exaggerated man-hating position.

Lastly, we talk to Juliet Macur, a New York Times sports columnist, about this weekend’s horrifying auto-racing death and the ways in which sports reward rather than penalize aggression.

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