Rob Ford, Gawker, and My Kids

Nov 6, 2013

Rob Ford (r) and my kids (l).
Credit Gawker

We normally write about other people -- because other people are the news. Not us.

And then, sometimes, really strange things happen.

In short, my older kid cut off my younger kid's hair two years ago. We freaked. Like a good reporter, I then asked them to talk about it on tape. And what resulted eventually went viral, thanks to PRX and Gawker.  And ABC News. And the internet. And it's being turned into a children's book. That was a year and half ago.  

Now, for some reason, the audio has resurfaced and is trending today on Gawker. I don't know why. I don't really understand the internet.  Mr. Dankosky told me to post something about it here, so I am.

Besides.  Any time your kids and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford get in the same screen grab, that's...a good thing?