Revisiting Rowland's Six Pillars of Hartford Development

Apr 19, 2016

Remember Hartford's Six Pillars? Gov. John Rowland’s plan to revitalize Hartford -- begun almost 20 years ago -- included a convention center and sports megaplex, a downtown higher education center, up to 1,000 housing units, Civic Center renovations, expanded downtown parking, and riverfront improvements. 

But what did these projects actually do for Hartford? And who benefited from them? This hour, we take a closer look. 


  • Norm Garrick - Associate professor of transportation and engineering at the University of Connecticut
  • Tom Condon - Writes about urban and regional issues for the Connecticut Mirror
  • Michael Freimuth - Executive director of the Capital Region Development Authority
  • Doug Suisman - Principal of Suisman Urban Design in Santa Monica, California

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John Dankosky, Lydia Brown, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.