Reimagining Journalism

Jun 3, 2013

Remember when you used to learn about what was happening in your community when the newspaper hit your front stoop? That world has, of course, changed—and journalism professor Dan Kennedy says we’re now in a “post-newspaper” age.

Papers haven’t gone away, but their staffs and scope have shrunk, and what’s bubbled up to fill the gap is a new type of digital journalism with a new business model. Kennedy went looking for examples of this change around the time of the economic downturn, and found a pretty interesting lab experiment - Connecticut.

Paul Bass had begun to change community journalism at the New Haven Independent - a scrappy online publication that actively engages its community. Kennedy uses the Independent as his case study for The Wired City: Reimagining Journalism and Civic Life in the Post-Newspaper Age.

He also found experiments like CT News Junkie and The Connecticut Mirror - and in this new book, he uses these “close to our heart” examples to tell the story of what makes news sources sustainable today.

Where do you get your news? How much has it changed in just the last few years?