Reactions To Obama's Commencement Speech And Connecticut Unions' Concessions

May 18, 2011

President Obama is in New London today, and in Hartford, legislators and state employees are still chewing over the agreement crafted by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's team and the unions.

Today on our show, we'll look at two chief executives facing very different kinds of crossroads.

Obama's Coast Guard speech wasn't earth-shattering. That's probably because he has already put an earth-shattering speech on his calendar for this week: his long awaited Middle East speech tomorrow.

But past presidents have often used the Coast Guard address as a way of signaling their priorities about terrorism, the Cold War, or Iraq . And for Obama right now, every day is full of questions about whether he can turn the Arab Spring and the killing of Osama bin Laden into some kind of foreign policy momentum.

For Malloy, the questions are about whether his deal represents real savings and whether that matters. More after the news.

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