Raving, Ranting & Riding on Railroads

Oct 17, 2012

Like other government programs, there is a debate over funding for Amtrak. It’s a complicated business model for the rail operator because it’s owned by the government but operates in many ways like a private company.

Today,  we’ll talk about the current state of rail in the United States. With all of this talk about high speed rail...including here in the northeast, how did we get to where we are today?

We’ll be joined by journalist and urbanist Yonah Freemark about the our current rail environment and the prospects of privatization. He has written for numerous publications on transportation issues and now runs his own site called The Transport Politic.

We’ll also check-in with WNPR reporter Neena Satija who is embarking on a new project called Rant & Rail. She’s trying to get around the state of Connecticut without a car.

Finally, a look way back in history at the construction and financing of the transcontinental railroad with author Dennis Drabelle. His latest book is The Great American Railroad War: How Ambrose Bierce and Frank Norris Took on the Notorious Central Pacific Railroad.