Public Radio Scar Stories

Apr 10, 2013

A listener named Shelly told me this one:

"My large scar on my left wrist reminds me that it is not good to combine platform high heels, blueberry vodka and a wet dance floor. Also, the good karma of attending a charity event will not cover you for bad choices of shoe wear."

See, that's a pretty typical scar story, if there is such a thing. Something happened. You got hurt. It was probably pretty horrible at the time. Now it's a little bit funny -- one of the stories that life wrote on your body.

Most real life scars are less dire than the ones written into drama and fiction, where a scar usually means a deep psychic wound. There are two villains -- in "The Lion King" and "Battlestar Galactica" -- who are simply named Scar, as if their one defect summed up a whole being. Of course, some scars have really terrible stories behind them. We'll discuss those too today, and more.

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