In Praise Of Haiku

Jul 22, 2013

It all started last March.  Emily Caswell, who was then working at the front desk here in the Dankosky Building, sent an email to all employees about a pair of glasses found in the parking lot.

Haiku by Stanford Forrester.
Credit Chion Wolf - Filtered Through Instagram

I wrote a haiku:

doesn’t it look fine
seeing the world in a blur
without these glasses?

Two weeks later, Emily sent us all an email about a gray men's belt found in the parking lot.
So I wrote:

As gray as the sky,
As gray as UFO men,
This belt, found in March.

In April, Emily notified us about a black and yellow glove found near the door.
I wrote:

in black and yellow
once you were two orioles
now, Michael Jackson

So I started to wonder if anybody else writes work haiku. This show answers that question.

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