In Praise of Admitting Ignorance

Mar 17, 2014

Credit Gillian Maniscalco/flickr creative commons

Except when you shouldn't admit ignorance, as in, you'll be found out, or it would devastate another person (“You do look much fatter in your jeans”).

My guests, long-time contributor Bruce Clements, joins Leah Hager Cohen, author of I Don't Know, dig into why we all fib now and then about what we know, nodding as if we do know all about it. Why? Because there are times in life when we feel it would shame us, or misrepresent us, if we admitted we were ignorant. Of course, to do so is to have robbed us of social connection with another person. And if that person is shallow enough to judge us for not having heard an album or read a certain book, who needs that kind of friend?

We'll talk about how you build a new habit of being honest in certain social situations, and when it might be wise to keep quiet.

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  • Bruce Clements is a longtime contributor to the show and an author.
  • Leah Hager Cohen is the author of I Don't Know: In Praise of Admitting Ignorance (Except When You Shouldn't).


  • “Gne Gne,” Montefiori Cocktail
  • “How Can You Live in the Northeast?” Paul Simon
  • “Santiago,” Kristian Dunn
  • “Marriage Is the New Going Steady,” Kristian Dunn