Practicing Tai Chi at WNPR

Jun 24, 2014

The Tai chi master Yang Chengfu demonstrating the Single whip.
Credit Jdcollins13 / Wikimedia

You'd think Tai Chi would be a required part of any public radio employee's day, but only on Tuesday did it happen.

Colin McEnroe was hosting a show about sports that are on the rise, like pickleball, roller derby, and even World Extreme Pencil Fighting. When it came time for Tai Chi, he thought it would be cool if we could find a guest who could show us the ropes live. 

Robert Kwalick of Litchfield is a long-term practitioner of Yang style tai chi. He teaches a weekly community class at Charym Yoga and Fitness Studio in Litchfield, and was totally game.

I'm not sure how well the session translated over the radio (although Robert's voice is so soothing!), so we proudly present Colin McEnroe and SuperIntern Britt Hill obediently learning tai chi: