NTSB Recommendations to Metro North; Salt Shipments Arrive

Feb 19, 2014

The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for speed-limit signs in more places on Metro-North Railroad and cameras in the control cabs to monitor engineers and the tracks. In a letter dated Tuesday and sent to new Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti, the agency calls for permanent signs to warn engineers in advance of areas where speed restrictions are enforced, as an additional reminder to slow down. 

The Connecticut Department of Transportation received about 5,000 tons of salt this weekend, which is being given to cities and towns across the state. DOT officials say they expect to receive another delivery of 45,000 tons of salt by the weekend.

Drone Lawsuit

An employee at a television station in Connecticut has filed a federal lawsuit against the Hartford Police Department. Pedro Rivera claims officers violated his civil rights when they stopped him from using his drone on the scene of a fatal car accident early this month. Rivera’s attorney says police officers do not have the right to stop someone if they disagree with what they are doing as long as there are no laws being broken.

Investment Fraud Trial

The trial of a former investment banker from Stamford charged with fraud is getting underway this week in New Haven. A federal prosecutor told a jury yesterday that Jesse Litvak defrauded investment funds established as part of the government's response to the financial crisis.

State House Speaker to Repeal Keno Intro

Connecticut House speaker Brendan Sharkey says he will work to repeal the law authorizing the introduction of keno.  Sharkey says revenue from the bingo-style game is no longer needed to help balance a state budget that now has a projected surplus of $500 million.