The Nose: Weiner Won't Go Away, But Will Voters Forgive Him?

Jun 10, 2011

Maybe we should accept, at this point, that it does matter much how politicians conduct themselves in their private lives. If we don't accept that, we are going to be disappointed again and again by the politicians we like and, of course, repeatedly thrilled when somebody from the other side takes a tumble.  Intellectually, I believe that there really isn't much correlation between private behavior and public stewardship. But at some other more basic level, I can't stomach the idea. And Anthony Weiner, anyway, engaged in behavior that crosses out of the purely private.  If you're a congressman and your response to expressions of political admiration from young women is to send out a picture like that, some aspect of what we're talking about falls into the category of "your behavior as a congressman." But the other panelists on the Nose will probably see it differently. They usually do.

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