The Nose: Sneaking Food Into Movie Theaters, Overpriced Tickets & 'Scream'

May 4, 2012

Today on The Nose, we link together a series of only marginally related stories.

We'll start with the amusing tale of Michael Wolff, a well-known media critic who found himself in a standoff with New York City cops over his attempt to bring his own juice to the movies.He got caught and then turned the whole thing into a Twitter episode.

From there we'll leap to an article about ticket prices and the way Arthur Miller's play about the middle class is unaffordable to middle class folks. That in turn leads us to the story of Connecticut shoreline ladies in their sixties running a pyramid scheme ad and from there we will leap somehow to the connection between the erasure of the American middle class to the purchase of Munch's "The Scream " for $120 million.

It really is a supremely postmodern moment, when the work of art seems to be reacting to what it just sold for.

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