The Nose: The Semiotics Of Office Jargon

Apr 8, 2011

Here is what we propose to talk about on The Nose today - Bewlidering office jargon.

The semiotics of button-down collars. Why anyone should care about the upcoming royal wedding. The possibly overstated report of a gay caveman ...

Is there a thread? I think it's the way we extract meaning from everything. Office jargon grates on us because it seizes our primary system for conveying meaning -- language -- and twists it. Button-down collars? Clothing is full of hidden meaning. The royal wedding -- it means something different to me, an Irish-American who might enjoy owning a Will and Kate toilet seat than it would to someone more respectful of English royalty. The caveman? Archeologists extracting meaning from a slender physical record. The shutdown?  Define its meaning, and you win the match.

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