The Nose: Live From New Haven With Emily Bazelon, Jack Hitt And Mark Oppenheimer

Feb 10, 2012

We're in New Haven today, borrowing the Faith Middleton studio to do the Nose with a stellar Elm City lineup of Emily Bazelon from Slate, Jack Hitt, often heard on This American Life, and Mark Oppenheimer, who is pretty much everywhere.

The topics, however, are not all that different. The Republican nomination drama seems to fuel our conversation every week. They are the new Kardashians, and if it seems like it's dragging on a long time, well not really.

The fight between Obama and Hillary Clinton was not resolved until June of 2008. This year's fight is a little different. It's not Ali and Frazier slugging it out. This group still seems to be trying to sort out the order on that fight card.

Meanwhile this week, we've seen an unusually open battle about contraception, so maybe it's good we're in New Haven, birthplace of Griswold v. Connecticut.

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***Special thanks to Gene Amatruda***