The Nose: Jolie's Medical Choice, Royal Polo, & A Revival Of '24'

May 17, 2013

I'm one of those odd people who still gets physical newspapers thrown into his driveway.

On Monday, I was paging trough the New York Times and came upon Angelina Jolie's now-famous essay about her decision to have her breasts removed preventively, after learning of her high genetic risk factor for breast cancer. I had the odd sensation of looking at my laptop on a nearby table and knowing that, inside it, a massive cyber-conversation was unfolding.  

We'll get into some of that conversation on today's show, but my very first thought was of how clever Jolie and her people had been in managing to start this conversation in such a dignified way. It didn't trickle out on TMZ or PerezHilton. It began in one of the last remaining dignified opinion forums, and it began not as fragment of gossip, but as a well-rounded statement of fact and personal belief.  

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