The Nose: Intolerable Jargon Is Trending

Sep 30, 2011

Today on the Nose we'll run through a grab-bag of topics, starting with the the search for meaning in Red Sox Nation following the collapse of the crimson hose.

As we get ready to go on the air, the Twitterverse has already pronounced manager Terry Francona a goner, even though the actual reporting doesn't really back it up. And Slate magazine is exploring the theology of the Curse of the Bambino. Maybe it never went away. Michael Kinsley's leads off his current Bloomberg column this way: "Look, I’m sorry, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cannot be president: He is just too fat." This is an issue we haven't had to grapple with for a long time.  We're all being driven slowly crazy by business jargon. I'm currently rattled, in particular, by the word "trending." Lastly, with a new spate of sitcoms on network television, we'll ponder our own attitudes toward the laugh track.  Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org Tweet us @wnprcolin.