The Nose: How To Know When To Stop Talking

Jan 27, 2012

I was appalled by the now famous taco comment by East Haven mayor Joe Maturo. The mayor had two jobs to do when the story broke last Tuesday about the arrests of four policemen. He had to assure the world that he was taking it seriously and that East Haven was not a hotbed of both casual and systematic prejudice against Latinos. He did not merely fail to do either.  He accomplished the polar opposite of each. The impact was worsened by the moment itself. A Latino reporter was asking a serious question about Latino issues.

On the other hand, I can't go along with calls for Maturo's resignation or removal. The people of East Haven elected this guy  -- by 25 votes. They should have to live with him.

In 2013, they can get rid of him. For now, the city needs to do what it apparently has struggled to do in the past. Have a real conversation about race and ethnicity. There's no point in yanking he Maturo faction out of those talks.

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