The Nose Got Blown Off By an Errant Roman Candle

Jul 3, 2014

Credit Erin Leigh McConnell / Creative Commons

This hour, we lead off with a quick discussion of a term floated on Fox News this week. "Beyonce voters," according to one commentator, are single women who depend on the government because they don't have a husband. You know, just like Beyonce.

Is he for real or a democratic plant? He does get one thing right. The New York Times reports that "the decline of marriage in this last generation has created an emerging bloc of unmarried women that  is profoundly reshaping the American electorate."

Okay, so that won't take a lot of time. We go deeper into a widely read essay by a Seattle billionaire who wants his fellow one-percenters to start thinking differently about the question of inequality because he says if they don't the downtrodden will come for the rich with pitchforks.

Lastly, we have a conversation about fireworks. Most of us love them, but one critic writes the professional fireworks display is "an exercise in pomposity, aggression, triumphalism and hubris."


  • James Hanley is co-founder of Trinity's Cinestudio  in Hartford
  • Irene Papoulis is a lecturer in Writing and Rhetoric at Trinity College
  • Elizabeth Keifer is a professor of English at Tunxis Community College