The Nose: Dave Chappelle Reacts To Hartford, Millennials Hate Phones, & Putin Puts On Sexy Lingerie

Aug 30, 2013

We have in the works, for next week, a show about J.D. Salinger, the American writer most at odds with his own greatness. 

Little did we suspect that Dave Chappelle, the comedian most at odds with his own greatness, would come to Hartford and have peculiar and very contrary experience with the audience here and create a national stir by his refusal to perform for them.

You'll hear about that today on the show, but it's already a huge kerfuffle on social media, especially because Chappelle famously, in 2005, walked away from a comedy career that had peaked. At the time, he seemed to have deep misgivings about whether he was performing the kind of comedy he should, even though he was more in control of his own destiny than 99 percent of the comedians who have ever lived. So to day on the Nose, what happened in Hartford last night? You can join the conversation, email colin@wnpr.org or tweet us @wnprcolin.  


  • James Hanley - Cinestudio
  • Jim Chapdelaine - Producer, Musician
  • Patty McQueen - Communication Strategies
  • Julia Pistell - Mark Twain House / Sea Tea Improv