The Nose: Considering Lance Armstrong & Photos From A Deadly Shooting In NYC

Aug 24, 2012

Do you give up on Lance Armstrong? Earlier today, Armstrong announced he has given up the fight against the US Anti-Doping Agency's charge that he used steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

As Dave Zirin of the Nation points out: "Of the seventy top ten finishers in Armstrong’s seven Tour De France victories, 41 have tested positive for PEDS." Cycling is a weird sport in that way, and, as Zirin writes, Armstrong found so many ways to rise above that, especially by winning another very tough, scary fight against cancer. (Although it will be forever wondered whether Armstrong's ingestion of banned substances put him in the crosshairs for the cancer he got. Or, for that matter, whether he sought the aid of those substances because of the ravages of cancer. )

Lance is a complicated figure. Like so many people in the public eye, he's not exactly what he claims to be. But does that mean we should write him off? Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr,.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.