North Haven Company Joins Smart America Challenge

Dec 12, 2013

Solar panels on building tops are part of smart grids, which give real-time data about energy usage and are part of the "Internet of Things."
Credit National Institute of Standards and Technology

A Connecticut company was among those at the White House Thursday for a summit about the emerging Internet of Things. 

Queralt, based in North Haven, is developing an underlying technology platform that can help launch and link smart applications more quickly and cost effectively. The Internet of Things envisages a connected network of physical devices that will help systems in many areas of life to work better. Examples include smart grids, networked healthcare systems, driverless vehicles, and automated traffic management.

The Smart America Challenge aims to bring together companies in the forefront of this effort. Howard Kaplan of Queralt said this has to be a collaborative effort, and he's glad to see government working to bring people together.

"Everyone has to recognize that this is bigger than just one company," he said. "There's not going to be a winner-take-all for what we think is likely to emerge as a trillion-dollar market. And you've got to figure out a way to plug into the ecosystem and add value."

The challenge is being coordinated by two Presidential Innovation Fellows. They hope the project can help companies apply the research and development that's going to create more smart networks in everyday life.